Freshen up your hair colour

Tips to give your hair colour new shine

The last visit to your hairdresser was a while ago and your hair colour is beginning to lose its shine. Maybe your roots are even coming in.

Ways to freshen up your hair colour at home to help tide you over until your next hairdresser appointment are now in demand.

Here are tips on how to freshen up your colour and give your hair new shine – without re-dyeing your hair.

Home remedies to freshen up your colour

There are a few home remedies to help give your hair back its shine and softness.

Conditioners with beer, eggs or olive oil have been said to make the hair shiny and smooth. A rinse with black tea makes black hair darker and more radiant. The tea must steep for half an hour and then be applied to the hair for the same amount of time.1 Coffee grounds, on the other hand, give brown hair a deeper colour after only 10 minutes and freshen up the colour.

Blonde hair can be lightened with lemon juice or baking powder. Going into the sun after applying lemon juice intensifies the bleaching effect. An hour is required for this.2

For red hair, beetroot mixed with honey, applied like a hair mask, is ideal. Leave in for four hours.3

The effect of all these home remedies has not been confirmed, but it helps to try them.

Colour shampoos to freshen up your colour

Colour shampoos to freshen up your colour

Colour shampoos freshen up the hair colour and give it new shine. These products are temporary toners, as strong colour pigments build up on the hair when it is washed, giving it a beautiful colour effect. They do not damage the hair as the colour pigments do not permeate the hair structure. There are usually matching colour conditioners available that enhance the colour effect.

The combined use of colour shampoos and conditioners protects and maintains the hair colour for longer.

Hair care

Argan oil nourishes the ends, which prevents splitting and protects the hair colour.

In order for you to enjoy your hair colour for as long as possible, the right care is essential. Hair that is in good condition keeps its colour better and longer.

Argan oil nourishes the ends, which prevents splitting and protects the hair colour. You should always use a conditioner every time you wash your hair and treat your hair to a mask on a regular basis.

In the summer, protect your hair from exposure to the sun as the UV rays can bleach the hair colour. Since there is no SPF for the hair, it is best to wear headwear like a hat. Chlorine and salt water also attack the hair in the summer. In addition, strong winds, e.g. at the seaside or when driving a convertible, are harmful to the hair. The wind blasting through the hair can damage the ends. It is therefore recommended to tie your hair up or to wear a hat or a scarf.

Washing the hair very frequently can result in a loss of colour intensity, particularly with copper-coloured or red hair. Colour shampoos can counteract this effect, as described above.

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