Hairoscope to determine the risk of hair loss

The Hairoscope

All women want strong, full hair. To achieve this goal, there's a lot you can do. It is firstly important to get a diagnosis of the current condition of your hair and scalp. Your answers to the following 15 questions will reveal the future of your hair.

Caffeine for the hair

Not a day without caffeine

To prevent menopausal hair loss, caffeine should be supplied to the hair roots on a regular basis. This is where Plantur 39 can help.

Grey Hair

What causes hair to turn grey? You can find the explanation and causes here. Find out what you can do to fight grey hair.


Natural power packs: Phytoflavones

Pure plant power for health and beauty.


When should you begin using Plantur 39? Does drinking coffee help in preventing hair loss? Are there any side effects? You will find the answers to these questions and more in our FAQs.


Plantur 39 is based on real scientific research, so it is unavoidable that you will encounter a number of technical terms. In our Glossary you will find comprehensive explanations of the individual technical names.