Historic development of Plantur 39 research

Innovations from Dr. Wolff Research

Ever since the company’s launch in 1905, Dr. Wolff has been firmly focusing on research and the scientifically-proven benefits of its products in order to find solutions to issues such as hair loss and dry skin. Research is carried out within the company and in cooperation with independent institutes. 

An active ingredient alone is no product

An active ingredient must be administered to the body with appropriate excipients, whereby the correct formulation (galenics) is crucial. Through many years of expertise in the galenic development of semi-solid and liquid formulations, Dr. Wolff is able to achieve optimal results in both the medical and cosmetic sectors.

Special galenic know-how is also used in the Plantur 39 products. Dr. Wolff Research succeeded in developing a formula that transports caffeine all the way into the hair roots.

Effectiveness of caffeine to prevent hair loss

study conducted by Jena University Hospital confirmed the effectiveness of caffeine. From a dermatologist's point of view, it can be recommended as a cosmetic treatment for menopausal hair loss based on its good tolerability and its proven efficacy. The product thus also has distinct advantages regarding the preventative treatment of individuals with an increased risk potential.