Plantur 39 Colour

Many women visit their hairdresser or beauty retailers as they are unhappy with their own hair colour. 91% of women have dyed or coloured their hair at least once. Many even do this on a regular basis. One common reason is that first grey hairs or roots start to appear. Almost 50% of women dye their hair because they want to conceal their greys. A yellow hue in bleached or grey hair is is even less desired and makes the hair look drab. There's still a while to go before your next hairdresser's appointment, but something needs to be done. The Plantur 39 Colour series offers a solution to every one of these problems and helps tide you over until your hair is recoloured. The result gives you amazingly beautiful hair, even over the age of forty.

Which colour result would you like?

Plantur 39 Colour Brown

Colour Brown

Plantur 39 Colour Silver

Colour Silver

What does Plantur 39 Colour stand for?

  • Strong colour pigments build up on the surface of the hair with each wash.
  • The shade becomes more intense with each wash.
  • The hair colour becomes shinier and more radiant.
  • The colour effect can be washed out and does not damage the hair structure.
  • The Phyto-Caffeine Complex helps to prevent menopausal hair loss.

Statista (June 2014)

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