Hair loss affects more than one third of women in the UK

More than a third of women in the UK over 40 suffer from early signs of thinning hair, receding hairline or already have a hair loss problem.

The female hormone oestrogen protects the hair roots from the negative impact the male hormone testosterone can have. However as women approach 40, these oestrogen levels decline and the influence of testosterone on the hair follicles increases.

“As a result of this change, hair grows thinner or falls out prematurely. The scalp becomes more visible and the hairline recedes. These undesirable symptoms are typical in women over the age of 40 and are a cause for concern for them,” explains Dr. Klenk, who heads up the laboratory of Dr. Kurt Wolff Research in Germany.

In collaboration with the dermatological department of the Jena University Clinic in Germany, Klenk and his team discovered the benefits of the active ingredient caffeine. They have since developed Plantur 39 phyto-caffeine shampoo.

The active caffeine ingredient penetrates the hair follicle and protects the hair roots from premature exhaustion when used daily*, offering hope for women over 40 suffering from thinning hair or hair loss.


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