Consumer Study – Try and Review

Try & Review recruited 500 Women in Singapore to take part in a trial for Plantur 39.

The testers tried the product over a few weeks. Upon completion of the trial, the trialists posted their feedback and ratings on

Plantur 39 trial campaign was extremely successful with good ratings which concluded the product performance is above satisfactory and very well-received by the respondents in terms of efficacy, application, packaging and price.

Read some of the reviews here:


"I was sceptical about using Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo prior to tryandreview. I thought how could this shampoo combats those inevitable hair problems the over 40s are facing. However, after using Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for more than a week and am still using it on any other day, I'm happy so far with the efficacy of the treatment this shampoo gives. Shampoo smells good save that the hair lumped up and felt dry during washing. Despite this, I ditched my hair mask and hair dryer to maximise my test mission. Instead, I styled my hair freely after washing. I feel the volume in my hair. I am so relieved to see less hair on my hair brush and on the floor. I feel great when my hair feels great all day."


"I love the pleasant smell and smooth feel of the shampoo. It lathers easily and i saw improvements to my hair condition after about a week's use of Plantur 39! It is definitely one of the better products that i have used in recent years! Have already bought my next bottle and shared with friends on the benefits of Plantur 39."


"Finally a product that actually works. Definitely noticed that there was less hair fall after using for a few weeks. Noticed that my thin hair has improved hair texture,  more volume and hair is more easily manageable.   Plantur39  has a pleasant fragrance too leaving hair clean & fresh.    Quite pleased with the results !"


"Significant reduced hair loss after first use. Left hair feeling soft, light and volumised. Impressed me enough to purchase the conditioner to try. Will re purchase. Read more on my blog"


"Hair seems 'fuller' and less oily scalp. Will definitely continue to use the product and in fact i've just bought the conditioner n tonic today. "


"Before I’m using the shampoo, I can see my hair dropped a lot during shower. Niw, I found my scalp not as itchy as before and my hair drop had reduced after I used the Plantur 39. I think it is the effect of the shampoo. Thank you."


"After  3 weeks of use my I have lesser hair fall. Now Im on 1 month using it and I could see baby hair coming out. This is highly recommended!"


"First came to know about Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo from an advertisement of a lady with super long hair saying her concerned on hair loss and thinner in 40s. I start having serve hair loss after giving birth to my girl, My scalp become very sensitive, easier itch and having small pimple around the hair. I am luckily to given a chance to try Plantur 39, really love the fragrance of this shampoo. Very nice aroma sense and light texture. There isn’t many bubbles although hence I love the very light tickle feeling that I felt from my scalp when I let it set for a minute before washing the shampoo away. It has become my daily use shampoo now, with the value sell in retail, it’s a pretty good shampoo. "


"After trying out for about a month, I saw a significant  result.  I used to dislike washing my hair Everyday cos I drop a lot of hair whenever I wash it. After using this product, I notice less hair fall . I like the fragrance of the shampoo too. Now I can wash my hair Everyday. Love this shampoo."


"Have been using it for a month and is already seeing the results. Noticed baby hairs on areas where my scalp used to be more visible due to sparse growth. I would ascribe it to the clarifying effects of this shampoo which I could feel at the very first usage. My scalp feels clean without being dry and I love the smell of the clean scalp that lasts through the day. Even after a workout, I no longer smell my own oil n sweat, I am also using  the Plantur39 Tonic after washes about 3 times a week. One thing that truly convinced me of the caffeine content is, when I used too much of the tonic,i actually developed a slight headache. U see, certain coffee makes my head light. This had the same effect. Maybe it's placebo, but it just convinces me the caffeine works and using it correctly helps my crowning glory!^^"


"I have very damaged hair that breaks easily. On an average combing of hair, my hair drops a lot and it’s very scary cos with I pick up they are gathered into a ball. After using Plantur39 for a few months, I observed the hair loss started to reduce tremendously and the texture of my hair got smoother and ugh easier to manage. Plantur39 is amazing as I did not expect such results."


"I having hair loss for many years and got worst after giving birth to my 3rd child . I have been trying out a lot of hair loss shampoo but did not resolve my problem. Recently I started using Plantur 39 for a few weeks my hair loss problem is resolve. Thank you try and review for giving this chance to try out . I will definitely introduce this shampoo to my family and friends who is having hair loss. "


"Since young, I have very fine brittle hair....  This shampoo does not make my long hair entangle while washing, it does prevent too many hair loss."


"Hairloss has been a nightmare for me. After applying Plantur 39 for the 1st time,I didn't notice any difference. Subsequent wash rather than I realised my hairfall reduced by 5-10%.How amazing!! It's a great product for those who loves to shampoo their hair everyday. Fret not, you'll notice lesser and lesser hairfall after every waah. A must try product!"


"I was really excited to try out this shampoo as I had heard good reviews from friends and colleagues. I used the shampoo on the very day I received it and used it everyday. I first noticed that there was no strong fragrance and personally I didn't like the initial smell.  The shampoo didn't lather as much as expected although I applied the usual amount I always use. After washing the shampoo, I felt that my hair was dry but my hair is usually that way and so I have to apply hair conditioner after shamppoing. After a few days' use, I feel that there some baby hairs growing so it may be the effect of Plantur 39. I hope with continued use, my thin hair issue on my hair parting can be resolved."


"My first impression of this shampoo is its texture.. it feels soft and rich to the touch.  It also has a nice fragrance.  I also like the feel when it is applied onto the hair.  It also lathers easily.  After using for about a week, I feel that the hair is more manageable and the hair fall seems to be lesser.  I like this shampoo and will continue to use it to see its effects."


"I tried the product and noticed less hair loss after 3 days and have bought the same range conditioner and tonic to boost hair growth . The shampoo has helped me a lot and I do not need to pick up fallen hair so often. I will recommend this product to friends who experienced excessive hair loss. Thank you Try & Review for letting me use this shampoo."


"Plantur 39 has let my hair thicknesses & healthy. I will continue to using this products."


"After using the shampoo for a few weeks, my hair fall reduces tremendously. Very happy to have found this shampoo. Will recommend to friends and relatives."


"Fullness of hair upon few days of use, less hair dropping & had recommended to my Mum."

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