Subject Explanation
Alopecia Hair loss
Alopecia diffusa Hair loss that spreads across the entire head without a typical pattern
Anagen Early stage of a hair cycle, growth phase
Androgenetic Induced by male hormones
Antiandrogen Effective against male hormones
Antidiabetic Blood sugar-lowering
Antiradicals Substances that neutralize radicals such as oxygen
Atiology From the Greek „aitia“ = cause and „logos“ (λόγος) = „reason, science“
Cardiovascular System involving the heart and circulation
Cimicifugin Phyto-active substance from black cohosh
Diffuse hair loss Hair loss that is not limited to certain areas but distributed across the entire head
Estrogen Female sexual hormone
Fronto-parietal The frontal and side areas, frequently balding corners right above the temples
Galenics Galenics are concerned with the processing of an active ingredient and its styling into dosable active ingredient preparations with ready-to-use packaging as well as their technical testing. Based on the galenics, the active ingredient is combined with the right excipients and brought into a certain format, e.g. shampoo, tonic, etc.
Genistein Phyto-active substance in soy
Hair organ culture Clinical procedure using live hair roots for hair growth research
HAIRDEX Scientific questionnaire for hair loss
Hormone replacement therapy Alleviating hormone deficiencies during menopause through the administration of hormones or hormone-like botanical active ingredients
Menopause The physiological cessation of a woman's menstruation, i.e. the end of her fertile years.
Niacin Vitamin B3, important for skin and hair
Phytoestrogens Botanical substances with a gentle estrogen effect
Phytoflavones A group of active botanical substances
Phytohormone replacement therapy Gentle therapy with plant extracts to accompany menopause to prevent a reduction in a woman's estrogen levels.
Phytotherapy Medical treatment with botanical active ingredients
Polyphenol Radical catcher, anti-aging ingredient from the tea plant
Puberty Process of reaching sexual maturity
Stigmatization Easily recognizable body mark
Telogen Final stage of the hair growth cycle, resting phase
Tonic Active ingredient solution
Trichogramm Dermatological test of the hair roots
Trimethylxanthines Highly active substances from coffee, tea or cocoa, e.g. caffeine