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Plantur 39 for coloured and stressed hair

After the age of 40, the hair’s pigment cells can lose their colour performance. Due to that, the hair turns grey or even white. Women who use colourants as a result inflict stress on hair and scalp.

Phytoflavones – pure botanical power for health and beauty

Phytoflavones are so-called secondary botanical active ingredients. In contrast with primary botanical active ingredients, they are not directly involved in a plant's growth and have therefore lived in the shadows for a long time. However, their functions are not insignificant: They protect the plant e.g. from being eaten or protect it from UV radiation.

Hope for women suffering from hair loss

Hair loss is not exclusively a male problem. After menopause, millions of women in Germany also suffer from a dwindling hair quantity. This is frequently due to decreasing estrogen levels which previously protected women’s hair roots against the male hormone testosterone. After menopause, the share of estrogen decreases and the impact of the male hormones increases.