About us


We are specialized in the research, development and marketing of innovative and highly effective products.

Research and striving for innovations has always been a priority at Dr. Wolff-Research. As a result, Dr. Wolff has been evolving as a specialist for particularly effective products for decades.

The so-called galenics, i.e. the preparation and production of substances, are key when it comes to product efficacy. The active ingredient must be brought into a suitable format, and it is the task of galenics to generate this format.

Company founder Dr. August Wolff very intensively dealt with galenics and became a respected specialist in this field. At first, this was pure "handiwork": He mixed various ointments and creams that were suitable for all types of dermatological treatment. After 1946, his son, Dr. Kurt Wolff, utilized these findings in galenics and the diverse expertise in the production of emulsions for cosmetic products as well. He created a brand of cosmetics for average consumers that was scientifically founded and guaranteed genuine effects. Special galenic know-how is also used in our Plantur 39 products. In the future, Dr. Wolff-Research will continue to collaborate with renowned scientists and use cutting-edge technologies to optimize the product range and the formulas. The company will also continue its scientific research with the objective of creating innovative products based on the company's long-standing tradition. The results are high-quality brands such as Plantur 39 with exemplary efficacy and tolerability.