Frequently Asked Questions - Plantur39 Conditioner

The Plantur 39 Conditioners contain a caffeine buffer that protects the previously absorbed caffeine complex from the shampoo from being rinsed out.

The conditioner alone cannot provide sufficient protection against premature thinning of hair*. It is a hair care product that balances the hair surface, makes the hair smooth and easier to comb. The conditioner has only little contact with the scalp, so that no sufficient caffeine quantity can be absorbed to build up protection against hormonal thinning of hair*.
However, it does contain a caffeine buffer that protects the active ingredients from being rinsed out.

*without a result of a medical condition

The conditioner for fine, brittle hair has unique galenics. In contrast to other conditioners that weigh down the hair, it even builds up the hair surface and provides it with more grip. This is especially important, since fine, brittle hair has little volume in most cases and the hair style collapses easily.

Generally, a conditioning product should be used after hair washing to close the hair's scaly layer. This way, the hair combs optimally and has a beautiful shine.

The conditioners are matched to your hair's condition so they can be used after every hair wash. What's important about conditioners is that they must be rinsed out very thoroughly.

A shampoo is primarily designed to cleanse hair and scalp. After hair washing, the scaly layer isn't fully attached to the hair. The conditioners close the hair and provide it with optimal shine and make it easier to comb.