Frequently Asked Questions - Phyto-Caffeine Tonic

Yes, in Plantur 39, caffeine is exactly dosed so that daily application helps to prevent hair loss.

As a result, using Plantur 39 should become part of your daily routine, applied regularly and in a sustained manner.

Regular application of the Caffeine Tonic helps to prevent a reduction in hair growth after the age of forty.

From the age of forty the female bodily constitution changes – and so does the hair.

The active ingredients of the Caffeine Tonic protect the hair from these changes.

Hence, hair loss prevention shall take place early, regularly and in the long term to be successful.

It is therefore recommended to apply at least one product containing the active Caffeine Complex each day (Shampoo or Tonic)

Yes, wait about some minutes after massaging in the tonic until it is absorbed, then use the styling product.

In rare cases, increased thinning of hair* can occur temporarily. This process is called "shedding." Based on an intensive scalp massage, hairs that are in their resting phase anyway can be massaged out of the follicles at an increased rate.

However, after three to four months, this effect declines and the hair growth cycles regenerate.

*without a result of a medical condition

You should begin no later than after the age of forty. But even in your younger years, Plantur 39 can help to prevent the thinning hair*, especially caused by stress, e.g. during weight-loss diets or other stressful situations.


*without a result of a medical condition