Ash blonde hair

The trendy hair colour

Ash blonde hair

Ash blonde was one of the hair colour trends in 2017/2018 and is also known as the "Granny look". Grey or ash blonde hair is currently a popular look. This cool blonde colour is a great new styling option, particularly for women with dark blonde or so-called dishwater blonde hair. These shades are the perfect basis for ash blonde highlights.

Here is how you can follow the trend and discover who suits this shade.

Who suits ash blonde hair?

Ash blonde is close to grey in colour. Your clothing and make-up should include bright colours to bring more vibrancy to your style so that the overall look does not appear too dull. Your make-up can be a little more intense or adventurous.

In general, the trend tends to suit women better who have a lighter, more pale skin tone.

Colouring your hair ash blonde

Of course, you can dye your hair this cool blonde colour if you have naturally dark hair. If you have blonde hair, there are other ways to achieve this desired shade.

For brown hair

Colouring your hair ash blonde

Brown or dark hair needs to be lightened first. Do not do this yourself; it is better to go to your hairdresser. Lightening your hair like this is done in stages, where more and more colour pigments are removed from the hair. If the lightening process is stopped prematurely, this can cause an unattractive yellow or green hue. Depending on how dark your hair is, you may need several sessions until you achieve the desired lightness.

Do you have the unattractive yellow or green hue in your hair?

Here is what you can do about it.

For blonde hair

If you have dark blonde hair, ash blonde highlights can provide the desired effect.

If you already have light blonde hair but are struggling with a yellow hue, silver shampoos and conditioners are an ideal remedy. The colour pigments contained in these products reduce the yellow hue, giving your hair an enhanced silver sheen. Regardless of your hair colour, frequent colouring and highlighting stresses and damages the hair. Proper hair care, e.g. using a conditioner, is very important and must not be overlooked.

The colour shampoos can be washed out as they only tone the hair. After washing the hair a few times with a normal shampoo, you will no longer see any colour effect.

There are also sprays to instantly change your hair colour or reduce the undesired yellow hue.
The colour is removed the next time the hair is washed.

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