Won't my hair be weighed down if I use the Plantur 39 Colour Silver Conditioner on my roots?

It is recommended to use a conditioner after washing the hair to properly care for it. Your hair is glossier, silkier and easier to comb. It is also known that a conditioner is normally only used on the lengths and tips of the hair in order to avoid weighing the hair down and making it look lacklustre.

For an optimum colour result, apply the Plantur 39 Colour Silver Conditioner evenly throughout the hair, from the roots to the tips. In order to prevent the hair from becoming weighed down or greasy too quickly, the colour conditioner was developed like a conditioner for fine and brittle hair. These products are not as rich as conventional conditioners as they contain fewer care components. However, the conditioner does provide sufficient care in addition to the colour effect and the hair can be styled as usual.

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